Testing and tagging is the process of inspecting electrical appliances to determine if there are any potential risks to the staff or visitors to the business, then eliminating them. Upon passing the comprehensive testing procedure, our technician will place a durable tag on each appliance as a sign that they have passed the testing procedure. Following on from the testing procedure, records must be kept whilst the appliance is in service, up till when the appliance has been re-tested or removed from service. The records must indicate the name of the person who tested the appliance, when it was tested, if it passed or failed, and when it is due to be re-tested.

You will be free from worry when it comes to workplace safety with our service. If an appliance does not pass the testing procedure, our technicians will discuss possible repair or replacement or disposal. We will alert you about potentially risky appliances and keep you and your employees safe from any possible danger.

Why test and tag?

Testing and tagging is a vital workplace procedure as required by the latest Government Legislation. The legislation requires all appliances utilized for work to undergo testing and tagging in compliance to the Australian standards AS/NZS 3760: 2003. As a mandated requirement, every business owner should comply with the procedure to heighten occupational safety for employees.

Complying with this process won’t only guarantee workplace safety, but it will also keep you from more serious problems like the following:

  • Fire
  • Loss of life
  • Voiding insurance coverage
  • Fines ranging from thousands of dollars and up
  • Cease of business operations
  • Decreased productivity

Imagine how a single procedure can save you from a great deal of headache. With our expertise in this field, you can be confident that we will detect potentially risky appliances and keep them from causing problems that will cost you an enormous amount of money on top of putting your employees in danger.

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