With modern offices that are equipped with power cables, computers, laptops, microwaves, electrical kettles, and various other electric appliances, it is of utmost importance to be concerned about the safety of all employees. Any fault in any appliances can produce fire, which can destroy everything in a moment. To avoid such accidents that can lead to loss of lives, property, and business, it is important that you adhere to the electrical testing and tagging, under the Australian Occupational Health and Safety regulations. It is mandatory for businesses and workplaces to have all electric appliances, power boards, extension leads, etc., to be tested and tagged by an accredited test tag provider, so as to avoid  any serious problems.

Whether it is an office, or a call center, we at Safety Appliance Testing Team, help you by offering testing and tagging services at highly affordable prices.  With SATT, you can rest assured that your appliances are in their condition and do not pose any threat. We offer  electrical testing and tagging services for all types of workplaces and help them have fault free appliances that comply with the Australian standards.

We are experienced and licensed to offer electrical testing and tagging service in Sydney. David Hall, our Director at Safety Appliance Testing Team is an expert professional and is successfully leading the team of proficient testers. We have extensive experience in carrying out appliance testing and tagging in commercial and industrial places. Our services include inspection and testing of all appliances, tools, leads, power boards, and computers, and portable RCD’s.

David Hall and his team is committed to providing most satisfactory services. Within SATT  we promote safer working conditions. We use state of the art equipment and complete all tests onsite. We ensure that we complete the work causing minimum disruption to your workflow. Our services include an insulation test, a polarity test, an earth leakage test, earth continuity, etc. We provide to you  a complete data log for your records on completion of the work. We value our clients and their satisfaction. By hiring us, you can be sure that a professional, reliable company is taking care of your electrical appliances. Our team of testers are friendly, professional, and punctual. We offer services at competitive prices with no hidden charges.

We strive to keep your workplace compliant with Australian OH&S legislation and ensure that it is safe for your employees, visitors, and contractors.  We offer a fast response. We thoroughly inspect your appliances to check any faults. By tagging unsafe devices, we avoid serious accidents and save you from potential loss. You can request a no obligation quote or fill in our contact us form to enquire about our services. Go through our testimonials to see how satisfied all of our existing clients are. For a free site inspection and ask queries about our services, call us on: 0415 675 102