In our day to day life we all use different electrical appliances. There are different electrical appliances which we use in our home and office. As these appliances are very useful for us sometimes they can also be very much dangerous to use. Due to this reason we need to test these appliances and tag them with different colour tapes.

Australian Standard Electrical Testing and Tagging Colours: For testing and tagging there are two different scenarios one is if you work on construction and demolition sector you must follow the Australian standard and those who do not work in these sectors can use their own tagging colours.

Testing and tagging colour for construction and demolition sector:People who are working in construction and demolition sector should use month wise As/NZ 3012 testing and tagging colour which are as follows

December to February – Red
March to May – Green
Jun e to August – Blue
September to November – Yellow

Testing and colour for non construction and demolition business: They can use their own type of testing and tagging colour. There is no specific legislative specification for these type of testing and tagging in Australia.