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Electrical testing and Tagging in Australia

In our day to day life we all use different electrical appliances. There are different electrical appliances which we use in our home and office. As these appliances are very useful for us sometimes they can also be very much dangerous to use. Due to this reason we need to test these appliances and tag them with different colour tapes.

Australian Standard Electrical Testing and Tagging Colours: For testing and tagging there are two different scenarios one is if you work on construction and demolition sector you must follow the Australian standard and those who do not work in these sectors can use their own tagging colours.

Testing and tagging colour for construction and demolition sector:People who are working in construction and demolition sector should use month wise As/NZ 3012 testing and tagging colour which are as follows

December to February – Red
March to May – Green
Jun e to August – Blue
September to November – Yellow

Testing and colour for non construction and demolition business: They can use their own type of testing and tagging colour. There is no specific legislative specification for these type of testing and tagging in Australia.

Test and Tag Basics: Things to know about Testing Electronic Devices & Appliances

Why should you hire an expert to test and tag your electrical appliances? Some business owners think that testing their appliances and electronic devices for potential defects is a waste of time. What they don’t realise is that this precautionary measure can help their businesses in more ways they can imagine.


The Importance of Testing Your Workplace Appliances

Industry regulators are requiring all businesses to have their electrical appliances and equipment tested as part of safety requirements. If a business owner fails to comply and the regulators have found out all about it, he or she will have no choice but to pay fines. He or she might be even at a risk of losing his or her business permit.


Having workplace appliances tested and taggedprevents businesses from paying fines and/or having their permits or licences revoked. By taking a proactive approach to ensuring the safety of their workplace, they can avoid such inconveniences and potential loss of profits.


Another reason why it’s important to test workplace appliances for possible defects is that it helps ensure the safety of one’s customers and employees. As you may know, there are certain appliances and devices that look okay at first glance. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that they have defects that can cause accidents, which can lead to damage to property and loss of lives.


Testing and tagging one’s appliances can help prevent disasters and protect businesses from liabilities, compensation claims and potential lawsuits that may be lodged by their customers and/or employees.


Testing and Tagging Process

Testing and tagging appliances is certainly not rocket science, but it is a great help to business owners. When testing appliances, licensed testers and inspectors start by conducting an ocular inspection to determine which electronic appliances have potential defects. They inspect an appliance’s plug and cable for signs of wear and tear. They may also disassemble the appliance to determine if there’s any underlying problem.


Apart from checking for faulty wiring and electrical problems, the inspectors will also conduct tests to determine if there are gas leaks or leaks of hazardous materials. Afterwards, a tag will be assigned to each appliance or piece of equipment, telling users their rating. The rating allows people to determine what safety precaution they should take before using a particular electronic appliance. It also tells them how safe to use the device is.


As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Therefore, if you own a business and you don’t want to put everyone’s safety at risk, you should hire someone to conduct appliance testing in your workplace.

Safety Appliance Testing Team: A Reputable Test and Tag Company

Safety Appliance Testing Team is one of the most trusted appliance testing & tagging companies in Sydney. Founded in 2003, the company began its journey from humble beginnings and gained a growing number of clients returning for regular testing and tagging procedures as suggested.

SATT has devoted itself to extending high calibre services by ensuring every procedure conducted complies with both the Regulations and the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760: 2003, In addition to providing unparalleled appliance testing and tagging services, SATT  is also committed to educating every business owner about the importance of testing and tagging together with the advantages they will receive in the long run. We also keep employers informed that workplace safety is their responsibility.

Our eleven years in the industry has allowed us to build a solid clientele list from different fields all over Sydney. We have provided service to people from  Small businesses to large companies like George Weston foods, the State  Library, in Macquarie Street Sydney and other large venues and facilities.

SATT has received good reviews from its satisfied customers. It gained confidence from its customers and raised its reputation in the industry. Top quality services makes sure that everyone is going to be safe from potentially dangerous electrical appliances still in service, unchecked that no one has noticed are damaged. Numerous appliances can be checked for cosmetic problems that may lead to serious electrical issues in the long run. With our  experts’ keen eyes, none of these appliances will be missed by Safety Appliance Testing Team.

Visit us at: testing&taggingsydney.com.au to make an appointment to have your appliances checked.    

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