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How Often Do I Need My Equipment Tested?

In order to comply with the latest Government Legislation, Electrical Testing and Tagging, all appliances within all places of work, need to be Tested and Tagged regularly to adhere to and comply with the current Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760: 2003

Frequency of Inspection
Every place of work is different and so is the frequency of Electrical Safety Testing. It all depends on the environment in which the Appliances are being used.
For example; if your place of work is a combination of a warehouse environment with a separate office environment which is well maintained with all The office appliance leads off the floor, the retest date may extend for a period of up to five years. All appliances used in a more hazardous environment like the warehouse or in a kitchen or any portable appliances where the lead is subject to flexing in the normal mode of operation like; power boards, extension leads, power supplies, laptops and laptop power supplies; these appliances should undergo Electrical Safety Testing once every twelve months.

Following on from the Testing Procedure, records must be kept whilst the Appliance is in service, up till when the Appliance has been re-tested or until the Appliance has been removed from service.
The records must indicate the name of the person who tested the Appliance, when it was tested, if it passed or failed, then when it is due to be re-tested. These details are usually on a label attached to the Appliance as well as provided on the written reports.

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The Importance of Electrical Testing and Tagging in Sydney

In accordance with the Government Legislation in Australia, in conjunction with the Australian standards AS/NZ 3760: 2003 governed by WorkCover, it is mandatory that all places of work, have all their electrical Appliance Test and Tag regularly. This rule applies to all work places- commercial and industrial, across the country. With this in view, it is also important for you to have a reliable and certified professional who handles testing and tagging in Sydney, tackle the job for you.

Using Safety Appliance Testing Team and getting David Hall Appliance Test and Tag is the first step. Reason being is that after more than twelve years in the field, Safety Appliance Testing Team in Sydney has earned its name and has been providing expert services to customers across a range of industries. We have provided Electrical Test and Tag services in Sydney to clients of every scale and from different working environments.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

We understand that you need to have electrical testing and tagging services that are reliable and cost effective and that is what you get, every single time. We never compromise on quality or cut corners when completing our job. What you get is no-fuss, expert services with no hidden charges.

The Reliability Factor

With us testing and tagging your equipment, you will have peace of mind with reference to your workplace safety. We will also alert you about any potentially-risky appliances, and this will help in keeping your workplace and employees safe from danger. In case any particular appliance does not pass the testing process, we will discuss all the possible options like repair/replacement & disposal. Then provide you with detailed reports. For the most reliable and prompt Test and Tag in Sydney, contact David Hall Test and Tag on 0415 675 102.

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" David Hall has been coming to our office to test and tag all our equipment for some years now. I have found David to be very punctual and if for some reason he has been delayed he always lets you know.

He does his work with expertise, is very tidy and nothing is a problem for him. David's follow up each year makes it easier for me as it is one thing less to remember. See you next year David. "

Patricia Garousse

" David is such a knowledgeable man, we felt completely at ease with his service and comfortable knowing he was doing an excellent job of our testing & tagging.

I would recommend Safety Appliance Testing Team to anyone. "

Leanne Cork - HR Co ordinator of
George Weston Foods Limited